Mafcote Inc.

A leading paper manufacturer and converter, from pulp to folding cartons and food service products to a broad range of retail and office products.

About Our Company

Mafcote, Inc., based in Norwalk, Connecticut, is an industry leading manufacturer and marketer of high-quality paper, packaging and converted paper products. Mafcote offers a full line of paper products for home, office and the food service industry, as well as customized folding cartons for a wide range of end uses.

Recently, Mafcote has acquired certain of the assets of Geographics Inc., a leading manufacturer of decorative designer stationery.

Geographics llc. is being managed by Royal Consumer Products llc., a subsidiary of Mafcote, which owns Royal Lace, Royal Brites and Sonburn. For more information on Geographics llc., visit

Job Opportunities

Mafcote's products are among the highest quality paper products in the industry, and we are proud of our reputation. If you would like to become a part of our team just click here.

Royal Consumer Products


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